1. Infrastructure is moving to cloud and becoming 100% software driven
  2. Applications are getting more fragmented and agile

Benefits witnessed by the customer

  1. Highlight the shortcomings of IaC as compared to the mainstream application development and its evolution.
  2. Outline the changes that are needed to fix the issues and show how today’s IaC will evolve to a no-code or low-code…

You’ll walk that same curve when introducing cloud and DevOps into your organization. You may start with inflated expectations, but then reality hits you, and you dip into the “trough of disillusionment.

  1. Two Difficult Skills (Programming and Operations)Needed in One Person: Your DevOps team needs to be good at programming and…

Executive Summary

The Challenge

  1. Data Migration with Minimum Downtime: There was TBs…


Digital Worker for Cloud Ops

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